Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Who Would Buy An Apple Watch?

The best companies spend billions each year convincing consumers that they desperately desired a product for which they had never previously felt a need and Apple have been successful by pushing stylish looking computers, then music devices and finally phones but the new Apple Watch is anything but stylish.
I'm not entirely sure what it does but as far as it being a fashion accessory, its what deelay boppers were to head wear and you have to be a bit of a showy off, 'everybody-look-at-me' type to even consider wearing the large, ugly looking clunky thing on your wrist, or a 'digital lifestyle enabler' as Apple called it.
You also have to have more money then sense to shell out £220 for the honour but the largest drawback i can see is the lack of watches on the wrists of the younger generation who are also those who will buy the  thing.
Maybe that's why they decided to give it the lifestyle enabler tag because a watch doesn't really appeal to the youth of today and especially not for that price and something that looks so awkward.
Possibly Apple has drawn a blank on this one.

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Keep Life Simple said...

I see no reason for a smart watch