Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Summertime Is Through

I'm not sure when Summer officially ends but according to all the school books, September to November is Autumn, December, January, February is Winter, March through to May is Spring which leaves June, July and August as Summer.
As we are into the second day of September it's time to put away the shorts and sun tan lotion as Summertime is through as the Beach Boys once lamented.
After two bouts of painful sunburn, countless hot nights turning over the pillow trying to find a cool spot and numerous bites and stings on my arms and legs, i am quite happy to watch another summer slip into Autumn but as most of the country is finding out, August turning into September also means returning to work.
Britain is full of 'On Holiday' notices in August as people disappear to various parts the globe and come back all suntanned and shiny faced to the reality that it is back to the slog and a long time to the Christmas break.
T-shirts, cut offs and a pair of thongs give way to jumpers, tights and sensible flat shoes while miniature golf and Honda's in the heat becomes paperclips and meetings but you know in November, while your tan has faded, the clock seems to be going backwards and you are staring out of the window watching the drumming against the window, you will hear 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams and you will be transported back to this summer and begin daydreaming about the you had fun all summer long.
Of course then your boss will walk in and shout at you for daydreaming while the Wilson contract hasn't been signed and being you spinning back to a cold, rainy November afternoon.
Maybe remembering the pain of sunburn and the three times you had to apply Anthisan to the insect bites would be better and think 'pfft...Summer is so over-rated'.

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Keep Life Simple said...

Summer was great when i was younger. Now i consider summer less bad than winter.