Monday, 29 September 2014

Recession Not Over Just Yet For Poorest

Despite telling us repeatedly that we are out the other side of the latest recession, they have today announced £25bn of spending cuts.
'The latest Treasury estimate is that, to eliminate the deficit, requires a further £25bn of permanent public expenditure savings or new taxes' and it's the savings option that he has chosen which will effect the bottom end more rather than taxation which would hit the top earners the hardest.
The obvious answer is that the top earners are also the largest party donors while the Conservative Party haven't got many friends in the minimum wage bracket so they can be successfully squeezed without harming their odds of re-election next year.
Tax evasion costs the country £15bn each year which would go a long way to reducing the deficit and when are we going to get the money back from the Banks we bailed out to the tune of £500 billion which would clear the deficit 20 times over if they paid us back.  
Regarding the much praised Tory plan to cut pension death tax from 55% to 35%, something he called 'a serious contribution to reduce the deficit', maybe the voters need reminding who it was who put it up to 55% from 35% in the first place, yep, Osborne did in 2011.
There is a third choice Gideon never considered, getting shot of him and his awful nasty party and get someone in the position who knows what they are doing and whose idea of a vote winner is further kicking the poor low wage earners and downtrodden.

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Keep Life Simple said...

Trust me, the top donors of all major parties are billionaires not just the conservatives.