Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Obama Or Bush Same Difference

 War, what is it good for asked Edwin Starr and the answer is killing people but not civilians, especially if you do what the United States have done and changed the definition of a civilian.
After the first few days of dropping explosives from on high and the first reports of civilian deaths, the Pentagon have announced that they are confident that no civilians were killed in any of the initial air strikes in Syria.
Always a touchy subject and after more and more reports of Afghan civilian deaths from American drones, the White House redefined exactly what a 'civilian' and a 'combatant' is so now a combatant is a military-aged males killed in a strike zone although explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent does nudge them back into the civilian pile of dead folk.
Now that Obama has launched his second bout of war, just missing a third by a whisker in Syria last time, we can justifiably say that he is just as bad as his predecessor who was rightly condemned by the World and his aunt when he began the whole debacle in motion in 2003.
Throw in the turmoil in Ukraine fired off by American meddling, the drone attacks in Pakistan and the funding of Syrian Rebels who turned into ISIS, Obama has an awful track record of starting conflict around the world. 
The latest conflict has even began without UN backing which is due to be discussed today and is sure to be vetoed by China and Russia so he even has the illegal war to cement the Bush likeness.   
As Obama has already decided to go to war and then use the UN to rubber stump it, even if it is refused the war will still be on and bombs will continue to be dropped left, right and centre so he's not that different from Bush in reality.
The only difference is that this one is a Nobel Prize for Peace laureate justifying yet another bombing campaign in the Middle East.


Keep Life Simple said...

Did Obama start this or did Isis when it went into Iraq? Don't let reality stop a good rant.

Do we care when Russia or China - icons of freedom and human rights - veto our actions? Nah. Not even a little. Don't give a sh*t what they think.

Did the UK bomb civilian targets in WW2? Think so...

Keep Life Simple said...

Did you really think Obama was different? Every president uses the military when it suits their need. Every president including the worst of all time - jimmy carter

Lucy said...

That's the attitude, can't think why there are so many people around the globe plotting to blow you up.

Did Jimmy Carter use the military? I am sure he made much of being one of only a few US presidents who never sent his country into war.

Keep Life Simple said...

Not a very long memory huh?

You might not remember that he was the worst president ever


Keep Life Simple said...


When assholes want to blow me up, I don't consider it an insult, and I don't care why because they are assholes. Simple huh?

Isis wants you to be Muslim or dead. That makes them assholes!

Ditto Iran and al Qaeda.

Who else wants to blow us up? I bet they are assholes too...


Lucy said...

I was 8 in 1977 when he become Pres so i was more concerned with what time the cartoons were on then what the US pres was doing.

Did he never use the military? I am sure he has said a few times he was proud of the fact that he never.

And yep, very simple. Very simple indeed.