Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Last Day For Scotland In Britain?

Tomorrow could be the last day that the Scots can call themselves British as they vote whether to stay with the English, Welsh and Irish or go it alone.
The polls do seem to be very close, much closer than i expected them to be so credit to the 'Yes' campaigners  who seem to have turned things around up there and even i am starting to think that possibly they might just pull it off and we may wake up Friday to find the top part of the country now ends at Northumberland.
The poll of polls which collects the information from all the other polls gives the No camp a 2-4 point lead    over the Yes campaign but considering that the No campaign was 16-20 points ahead at the start of the campaign it is closer than any thought it would be and narrow enough to still swing either way.
Interesting to hear the oil rich Shetland Island off the coast of Scotland announcing that if Scotland vote yes but the islanders vote no they will seek independence from Scotland and take their oil wealth with them which will blow an enormous hole in any plans of a new Scottish Government which would already face financial upheaval as Westminster pulls the plug on them. 
I don't expect Scotland to go independent, the bottom line of it costing them too much and heralding price and tax increases across the board will scupper the Yes campaign but if it does sneak over the line it will certainly be make for interesting times as Scotland extricates itself from the rest of us.
The timetable is Polls open at 7am and close 10pm with the result announced between 6.30am and 7-30am Friday morning. 


Keep Life Simple said...

What does Google predict?

Nog said...

Haha! It's poetic that a 300+ year-old union comes down to trying to snag a bigger sliver of finite oil reserves. If the "yes" side somehow wins out, whatever Scots may tell their great great grandchildren 100 years from now, the truth will be "our great great grandparents ended a centuries-old quite successful union because they wanted a slightly bigger chunk of some natural resources for 20 years."

Awfully short-sighted...