Thursday, 25 September 2014

Britain Voting For War

David Cameron will be leading the charge tomorrow as the House of Commons vote on UK involvement in the ongoing conflict in Iraq and it all seems a foregone conclusion as cross party consensus means we are going in alongside America again.
I have already said that it is our mess as it was the US and UK who metaphorically kicked down the Iraqi walls in 2003 and let the wolves in before shouting Mission Accomplished and scarpering back to the safety of our own shores so i feel we are morally obliged to go back and clear up the mess we created. 
As the Iraqi Government are actually asking us back this time instead of us forcing it out, the legality aspect is on a stronger footing this time around but one thing that is sounding very similar is the lack of vision of what we are going to do once we are there except drop bombs from a great height and keep our fingers crossed that we don't kill too many innocent civilians. 
Almost every military speaking head is in agreement that air strikes alone won't do the job but the politicians are assuring us that there will be no boots on the ground so i'm not sure what the plan is.
We have been constantly bombing the Taliban and Al Quaida for 13 years now and we haven't managed to defeat them so can't see this being any different and we WILL kill civilians in Iraq and Syria which will only help Isis in recruiting more volunteers and further turn Muslim opinion against the west therefore ensuring another generation of western hating extremists.
Boots on the ground is not a palatable option for any Government as returning body bags never go down well with the voting public but only using air-power is doing half a job and puts the innocent people on the ground at risk and why should they suffer even more and be put at greater risk just because the US and UK want a nice 'safe' war where their people are flying 25,000 ft above the bullets and out of harms way.  
War is awful which is why the decision to have them should only ever be as the absolute final resort and this one has been going on for over a decade all because George W Bush and Tony Blair decided to invade a country to drive out terrorists who weren't there until we went to drive them out.

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