Monday, 8 September 2014

Stephen King Revenge

One of my favourite conspiracy theories is that it wasn't Mark Chapman whom killed John Lennon but the Beatles assassin was actually horror writer Stephen King.
Of course we all dismissed it as the rambling theory of someone with too much time on their hands or too much alcohol in their bloodstream but hold that thought because the Stephen King is a killing machine theory has another string to its bow.
In 1999, the writer was strolling along a country lane when a minivan driven by Bryan Smith decided to re-enact a scene from Christine and decorate his radiator grill with bits of Mr King.  
One bump and brief fly through the air later and Stephen King was the less than proud owner of a fractured hip, a broken leg, a chipped spine, four broken ribs and multiple stitches.
In the best King style, things then turned a bit weird as Smith died 15 months after the accident, on Stephen King's 53rd birthday, from an overdose of the same painkillers King had been on during his rehabilitation.
Now i'm not suggesting King had anything to do with Smith's early departure but a man being force-fed painkillers by a deranged lunatic holding him hostage because of a perceived wrong he did sounds very familiar, especially if you have ever read the Stephen King book Misery. Just saying.

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