Monday, 8 September 2014

Blame It On The Moonlight

Astronomy usually means a large coat, a telescope and a thermos flask of hot chocolate but tonight is one of the few times you can gaze skyward and see a wonder of the universe, not only the moon but a Supermoon.
Not only is the moon 16% bigger tonight, but also 30 times brighter and 31,000 miles closer as we are treated to the third supermoon of the year.
It is known that full moons affect nature and in particularly the tides, but the jury is out on whether the moon, especially one this close to us, has any effect on humans.
As the human body is approximately 65%, it seems to make sense that it can mess with us in some way and a Swedish study has found that the unusually large supermoons could see changes of mood and restless nights becoming more frequent in the days surrounding the event.
So if your colleagues are looking tired or are a bit more moody than usual this week, it's the moons fault.

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