Friday, 9 May 2014

Another Daft Idea From The FA

England are going to the World Cup in Brazil in June and even the most fanatical supporter is expecting our tournament to be three games long and then back home to watch the second round on the television with the rest of us.
England has not been a force in football since we won the World Cup in our own country almost half a decade ago but the Football Association have decided that what we need to make England winners is a new division of Premier League B teams to help the young British talent progress.
With promotions only available to Division 1, the obvious problem is the Premier Leagues B sides clogging up the top of the division and stopping the lower league clubs from progressing up the league.
My personal thought is i don't really care about how well England do, they play a tournaments every two years for a month while league teams play for nine months every year and they should take precedent.
If you asked any fan would they rather have their team win something or England perform better at tournaments, the vast majority would take a Cup or league title for their team over England going out on penalties in the European Championship semi-finals.
As for not enough decent England players coming through, if the big teams sign players from lower league teams and then don't play them, Wilfried Zaha being the latest, of course they are not going to progress and we end up with the potential talent kicking their heels on the bench with their progression curtailed and the FA wringing their hands wondering why all the British talent is not coming through and thinking ridiculous schemes like this that punish the teams and fans of lower league sides to benefit the Premier League teams will make us World beaters.
I would suggest the problem with England being rubbish is the succession of inept managers the FA keep appointing.

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