Monday, 12 May 2014

Ban Killer Robots Before They Start Killing

There are many threats to humans and some such as climate change and killer robots are man made but whilst we can't do anything about the tens of thousands of deaths each year from the changing climate, we have at least noticed that creating killer robots is a bad thing and it has been suggested that they should be banned before they even exist.
The Campaign To Stop Killer Robots, a coalition of 51 organisations from 24 countries, has called for an international treaty banning the research and development of killer robots before technology moves too far forward.
It's reasoning for the ban is: 'Deficiencies in judgement, compassion, and capacity to identify with human beings could lead to arbitrary killing of civilians during law enforcement of armed conflict operations.
Robots could not be punished, and superior officers, programmers and manufacturers would all be likely to escape liability.
Finally, as machines, fully autonomous weapons could not comprehend or respect the inherent dignity of human beings'.
Sounds more than fair to me and if we can also ban the new Star Wars film that would be great.

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Keep Life Simple said...

This has no chance of stopping killer robots. If the west doesnt do it, the east will, if they dont islam extremists will, if they dont organized crime will.