Thursday, 8 May 2014

Let Us Pray

I asked my friend the Reverend what does he and his congregation pray for each Sunday at mass and the big two are World Peace and healing the sick.
So what if we leave our brains at the door and consider there is a big man upstairs and he finally stops blessing America and saving the Queen long enough to grant us World Peace, what would happen?
Immediately all armies around the World would lay down their arms which would be great but then nobody would need an military if everyone was at peace so that would be hundreds of millions of ex-servicemen around the world kicking their heels and looking for work in an already overcrowded jobs market. Then there are all the civilian jobs that go with the military, more unemployment.
So what if God then decides 2000 years is long enough to make us wait for no more sickness and waves a wand borrowed from the tooth fairy and heals everyone.
No more sickness or illness, great but then if nobody is sick we won't need hospitals, clinics or doctors surgeries.
That's a few more tens of millions of nurses and surgeons and doctors out of work and joining the dole queues massively swollen by the recently unemployed military.
Less people working, more people claiming benefits, less tax in the Government coffers so more austerity cuts and another double dip recession leading to less jobs and on and on and on.
Next time you go to church and the reverend asks for a prayer to heal the sick or bring about world peace what they are actually asking you to pray for is mass unemployment, more austerity cuts and to sink the economy beneath.
And to think that we thought UKIP was the largest danger to Britain, it's actually the Archbishop of Canterbury! 


Anonymous said...

or all those people could be government workers and instead of making non-productive weapons of war they could build constructive things and provide nurses, teachers, builders, etc.

unlikely to happen however. the likes of china, cuba, n korea need a military as much to control their own popluations as they do for national defense. i seriously don't beleive s korea would invade the north if the north laid down their arms.


Lucy said...

Not nurses, everyone is healed remember.
Mention it to your reverend on Sunday when he asks you all to pray. Amen.

Anonymous said...

ha, that isn't what we pray for in america!!

at our church we pray for our enemies and that their souls are saved by jesus, then we pray for the safety of our troops...

what did gen schwartskof say: "they want to see their god and savior, and i want to help them..."