Friday, 30 May 2014

Charlize Theron, You Are A Moron

I don't know much about Charlize Theron, but i do know she is a highly paid actress and that she chose to go into that field knowing that the media will fawn over her and her films and she will in turn pose and pout and be available to the media. 
While she was free to make a choice, rape victims are not so to compare press intrusion to being the victim of rape is at worst outstandingly insensitive, at best the words of an idiot.
Maybe it was a poor choice of phrase, possibly she realised how abhorrent the comparison was as soon as the words where out of her mouth or she is just another self-obsessed idiot who likens the worst sort of violent act against a person which either leaves them dead or mentally and physically scarred for life to the act of having her photograph taken while out shopping.
Ms Theron, you are a moron.


Keep Life Simple said...
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Lucy said...

Maybe it's because she is so drop dead gorgeous that's she thinks that she can spout drivel like this and nobody will pick her up on it. Another story if she mumbles such nonsense outside of her little bubble to people who are not afraid to call her moronic.