Thursday, 8 May 2014

To Eat Or Not To Eat Halal Meat

Much controversy over Halal meat lately with calls for clearer labelling of these products in shops, restaurants and takeaways so the consumer can make an informed choice about the meat they buy.
Although most people know it's a crueler and less humane way to kill animals, not many know what actually happens in the slaughterhouses for meat to be called 'Halal'.
Under both the Muslim and Jewish method of slaughter, the animal is killed by a knife slashed straight through the animals throat while a prayer is said so the animal is not stunned first as in the more usual slaughter style.
Jewish and Muslim leaders say that the act of cutting the animal’s neck renders it 'insensible to pain' but that's a view not shared by the British Veterinary Association who insist animals should be stunned before slaughter, saying that otherwise they remain conscious for up to two minutes after the cut.
There is a solution though, don't eat meat and that solves the problem altogether.


Anonymous said...

but i want to eat meat. you would not elevate the rights of non-human animals over my rights would you?


Lucy said...

It was a suggestion aimed at the people who have suddenly developed a conscience over the meat they eat.

Keep Life Simple said...

So if a majority of people stop eating meat will they put animal rights above human rights?


Lucy said...

That's a decision to be made by the people who stop eating meat isn't it?

Anonymous said...