Sunday, 4 May 2014

Postmodernism Today

High brow discussion on BBC last night between men in tweed jackets about Post-modernism which i never really understood, mainly because i don't really understand what modernism means or when it started and if we don't know exactly what it is, how can we tell when it has ended?
According to the majority of clever people who know about these things, the shift into Modernism from whatever it was pre-Modernism is considered to be the industrial revolution as this bought political, economic, social and cultural change so with this as a benchmark, we probably have seen another shift since then and the Post-modernist world is something along the lines of something called Cyberism or Computerism which will do until someone thinks of a better name for it.
Using the above four criteria, computers have certainly bought social, political, economic and cultural change from the time of the Industrial Revolution.
Therefore the debates can stop about when will we achieve Post-Modernism and what will it be like because if you took a person from 1800 and plonked them down in 2014 it would be unrecognisable to them in every way so doesn't that prove that we have moved on from the Modernist era or does it just mean that i am still not understanding the whole thing?

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Keep Life Simple said...

Hmmm, i thought modernism was the rejection of organized religion... Guess i could google it.