Sunday, 25 May 2014

World Cup Not Coming To England

It's a strange phenomenon that along with the shops sticking an England flag on everything and flogging it as 'World Cup Mechandise' the TV makers try to flog us new televisions to watch the World Cup on.
Why watching it on a brand new £500 TV will make it any different to watching in t on an old TV is beyond me but i'm sure there are some simple folk out there who fall for the advertisers spiel and buy a new TV.
It seems that whether you watch it on a brand new 52" flat screen or your old TV, the England team will be  back here and watching the knock out stages with us because it is a stone cold certainty that England won't be bringing anything back home except their own luggage.
That isn't just my own personal view but that of the Government who are expecting the Three Lions to crash out after the group stages and won't reach the final.
An official report, drawn up by the Home Office, said that while the England football team is 'certain to be playing in the group stages of competition in Brazil this summer, there is a high probability that the team will not make it into the second round'.
This was the view when drawing up the expected benefits of late opening for pubs during the World Cup which prompted a rethink that would ensure pubs can be open for England's first World Cup fixture against Italy. 
Pele, who usually spends the 12 months before any World Cup going to countries and telling him that he fancies their chances, but even the most high profile erectile dysfunction victim has blanked us this time.
So keep your old TV, don't bother dusting off that Flag of St. George and dig around in your ancestry to find a Brazilian or Argentinian link because as we all know, the World Cup isn't leaving South America this time.

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