Monday, 26 May 2014

Lib Dems Facing Wipe Out

As i voted for Nick Cleggs party at the last election you would have thought that i would have been moved by the plight of the Liberal Party as they stand to be decimated at the general election next year.
You would think so but as i only leant my vote to the Lib Dems to purge the Labour Party of the Iraq War brigade, i am very happy to see Clegg not only fighting for his job but for his party to be wiped out. 
Mainly because Clegg has been an accessory to the Conservative Parties cruel assault on the poor, the unemployed, students, disabled & the vulnerable in living memory.
Partly due to the way he callously reneged on his University fees pledge within weeks of being in power and in some degree because i just expected better from them, at least to pull the plug on the coalition when they saw the vicious ideological path the Conservative Party was taking.
As an internal ICM poll has revealed, even if they change leader now to Vince Cable or Danny Alexander, they will still be kicked into obscurity so it is a case of bye bye Lib Dems whatever they do.
As expected after 4 years of propping up the Tories and very well deserved.

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