Friday, 30 May 2014

Are We All Racist Now?

The British have always had a thread of arrogance running through them which goes back to the days of Empire when the land Britain ruled over was so vast that the sun literally never set on it.
There are people today who still can't see that what we did to millions of people around the World was anything other than a good thing.
'We dragged them into the modern era with British ingenuity' is the argument, dismissing the tens of millions that died due to Britain doing in Africa and Asia what Hitler attempted to do in Europe a century later.    
This 'better than Johnny Foreigner' view is mostly held by pensioners and the breakdown of voters in British elections shows that pensioners are the ones more likely to vote which may go some way to explain the rise of UKIP (a recent YouGov poll showed UKIPs largest support group was over 65) who have a nasty policy of blaming all the ill's of Britain on immigrants, a view that is shared by many over 65s not because it is true, but because of the 'Little Englander' attitude many of them hold. 
Absurd of course, Britain's ills are down to an economy shattered by financial markets greed and compounded by a Conservative Party using this an an excuse to bring in ideologically driven austerity cuts.
As UKIP is fronted by a right wing politician who made his fortune working in the City, he isn't going to point any fingers at his own kind, he is going to look elsewhere and Europe is where he points the finger.
Credit to him, he had done a very good job of keeping his finger pointed at immigration while his party imploded with racism, sexism and homophobia around him and the older generation suddenly had someone halfway respectable who wasn't the vile BNP or EDL saying what they thought but were afraid to vocalise previously due to the rise of Political Correctness, it's all the fault of the foreigners.    
To answer the question, 'Are we All Racist Now?' the answer is not all but some and these are the ones who voted last Thursday magnifying their impact although thankfully they are also the ones who will gradually be replaced by the next generation who have less members who still applaud the British Empire and look at immigration as a threat to Britain and see it more as an opportunity to embrace different cultures and enhance a vibrant multicultural Britain. 


Keep Life Simple said...

Hmmm, you really seemed to flip back and forth between arrogance and racism which are related but not the same to me.

Tens of millions seems indefensible.

Also, the left have effectively confused racism to include just about all aspects of life. I dont consider someone from an eastern euro nation to be a race. They are a nationality.

Sexism, homophobia. You are all over the place on this one Lucy.

Ok, you are agsinst all judgements except judging people for judging and for economic success - it is ok to assume successful people cheated or had an advantage of some sort besides motivation, risk tolerance, and effort. I get it.

Are you saying that this emergence of racism surprised you? Are there more than you thought? Do you think their children are different? Do you think the immigrants to the UK are not racists?


Lucy said...

I'm guessing you had problems following this as you don't know the UKIP story.