Monday, 12 May 2014

France Say Non To USA

According to EU insiders, there is a growing feeling that the USA is playing up the threat of Russia to ensure more sanctions on Moscow so that EU to pull back on its interests in Russia which would allow America to nip in and replace the EU when relations improve.  
The French are particularly keen to avoid playing to Americas tune and are refusing to accept United States insistence that they cancel a 1.2 billion Euro contract to supply Russia with two helicopter carrier ships. 
US Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, expressed concern over the deal after US lawmakers had demanded more pressure be put on France to stop the contract and US Secretary of State, John Kerry, is due to meet the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in Washington and President Barak Obama is expected to raise the issue during a visit to France next month to commemorate the D-Day Normandy landings.
'This contract was signed in 2011, it will be carried out' said President Hollande and i would imagine the 1.2 billion reasons outweigh any pressure John Kerry can put on him.

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