Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Dreamt v Dreamed

A long time ago there was an Australian blog called 'Heart Of The West' which was a group of bloggers who for some reason loved all things UK and USA. 
Very right wing, their idea of Western was supporting every War GWB got into and generally knocking everything about the left but what was hilarious and led to it's demise was the way they would get their facts hilariously wrong so Tony Blair would be the President of England and Lennon was the first leader of the USSR.
As it would have been rude to not point out their mistakes, it quickly became obvious that the group had all met at a tourette's syndrome circle but the blog was short lived and with much laughter ringing in their ears the blog folded and i would like to think that they are all now in a drying out clinic somewhere.
I mention the sweary Aussies because something that they would do whenever someone ridiculed their latest post would be to attack the commenter's grammar or spelling which of course is much easier than admitting the author was a divvy and read up on the right facts before hitting the post button.  
With the English speaking countries such as Australia and America taking the English language and mangling it, it can be quite difficult to see when a word is just badly spelt or just an Australian or American spelling but recently i have noticed English bloggers using non-english words such as spelled and learned instead of spelt and learnt.
Not sure when i began noticing it but spoilt has also become spoiled, spilt to spilled, burnt to burned, dreamt to dreamed and smelt to smelled.
Nothing wrong with it, an acceptable alternative spelling is always a bonus but it just doesn't look right to me after 45 years of spelling the words with the -t ending instead of -ed.
One thing that doesn't change are the swear words, funny how they always seem to be spelt the same regardless of where in the World you are typing or in the case of the Heart of the West boys and girls, how much Castlemaine XXXX you necked before typing a post about that country called Whales. Flamin' Galah's.


Anonymous said...

we say dealt not dealed... is that better?


Lucy said...

Mention it to the Aussies when you go there. If you can find a sober one that is.