Saturday, 31 May 2014

Hagel's turn To Do Stupid

Move over John Kerry as it is Hagel's turn to do stupid.
Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel has accused China of destabilising the South-East Asia region as they have failed to resolve disputes peacefully and the US opposes the use of intimidation or threat of force to assert territorial claims.
He then laid out a list of moves the US has made to increase troops, ships and military assets in the region, provide missile defence systems to Japan, sell sophisticated drones and other aircraft to Korea, and expand defence cooperation with Australia, New Zealand and India.
The Obama administration has certainly become more belligerent and thuggish the longer they have been in power but as with the sanctions on Russia, less and less of the other countries are lining up behind them and are actually edging further away every time someone like Kerry or Hagel open their hypocritical mouths.
Nobody with any sense is going to commit economic and political suicide by joining in the bashing of the next economic superpower, they might mumble something in order to keep with the old power as they await the  new one coming up on the rails but as America found with the Russia sanctions, the influence is waning and nobody seems quite so willing to stand in your corner anymore as you throw your weight around.   


Keep Life Simple said...
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Lucy said...

It's the hypocrisy mostly but also the USA has upped the China bashing. It seems to be almost a weekly occurrence now but you can almost visibly see Countries edging towards China so they don't join in. Obama seems to have upped the rhetoric all around actually. I am guessing it's to do with him coming to the end of this term.