Monday, 26 May 2014

The New Man In Ukraine

After a year of conflict, riots and overthrows, Ukraine has elected itself a new President, billionaire Petro Poroshenko.
Mr Poroshenko says his first priority is end war and bring peace but the East of the country looks set to be digging in for the long haul so that may be easier said then done.
There are also questions being raised if Mr Poroshenko is what those fought and forcibly removed Viktor Yanukovych for because it seems they have replaced one oligarch with another one, this one even wealthier. 
Add to that the perilous state of the national finances (£15bn debt and a $3.5bn gas bill from Russia to pay), the crippling austerity measures imposed by the IMF due to come into effect and the massive hike in the Russian gas price, and there are troubled times ahead.
It does make you wonder if Ukraine are about to get what they wished for and once they have it, regret wishing for it quite so hard.


Q said...
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Lucy said...

I'm sure you know that Yanukovych was democratically elected. Right? You knew that and the 'wishing for freedom' quote was an attempt at irony or something.

Q said...
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