Thursday, 29 May 2014

Chilcot Enquiry

The Iraq War was 2003, the enquiry into the handling of the War began in 2009 and we are still awaiting the outcome in 2014 but we may be getting close to a release date as Tony Blair has come to an agreement with the enquiry over what parts of his discussions with George W Bush can be handed to the enquiry, hardly any of them.
Instead only the 'gist' of the correspondence between the two men will be made available after four years of delays over Bush and Blair's private conversations.
David Cameron has said that that he now expecting the Chilcot report to be published by the end of the year but those of is hoping it will finally nail Tony Blair to the mast over the Iraq War may be disappointed as earlier this week Mr Blair said: 'The sooner it is published the better' which may make us think that he has an idea what is coming and it isn't as bad as it could be.
If Blair can put a stick into the enquiries wheel so we don't find out the incriminating stuff, five years on and millions of pounds later, what is the point of the enquiry?

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