Friday, 24 June 2016

Brexit: Day 1

Dear Diary 24/06/2016
Brexit Day 1: First Day Out Of The EU
Boris Johnson, Brexit campaign leader, has hailed today as 'glorious',

- Prime Minister, David Cameron, has stepped down.
- France, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands, Italy and Hungary have demanded their own EU referendums.
- Scotland and Northern Ireland are gearing up to break away from Great Britain to stay in the EU.
- The FTSE 100 has closed down 3.2% at 6139. A drop of £51.7bn.
- The fifth largest economy, now we are the sixth as France have overtaken us as the pound plunged.
- JP Morgan are considering moving 4,000 jobs to the EU from Britain while the the industry body representing UK drugs firms in a sector employing 183,000 people warned following the vote that it is considering the same option.
- Ratings agencies have reaffirmed their previous warning that the UK stands to lose its AAA credit rating.
- The French are demanding the Calais migrants Camps be moved to Britain as the agreement which saw migrants stopped in France is null and void now we are out of the EU.
- The police and crime commissioner claims protecting the public from terrorist attacks will be more difficult.
- Price of petrol set to rise, also air fares and imported goods
- Bank of England repeat warnings of lower economic growth and another recession
- The legal system is likely to change wholesale, given it is, for better or marked with EU laws and regulations.
- Nigel Farage has admitted that it was a mistake to promise that the £350million a week we sent to the EU would be instead spent on the NHS.

So in one day we have lost the Prime Minister, could very well lose Northern Ireland and Scotland, have dropped a place in the Global Economy League, face the prospect of losing over 200,000 jobs, are in greater danger of terrorist attack and will have to pay more for goods in the shops. 
Would hate to see what Boris Johnson considers a bad day.

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