Saturday, 25 June 2016

Leave Backtracking

Over 2 million people have signed a petition requesting that the EU referendum been run again and there are noises that as most MP's are Pro-Europe and they have to vote on triggering Article 50 which removes us from the EU, they could refuse or not vote for it and defy 52% of the nation.
They are also mumbling that as there are also over a dozen votes to be taken to disentangle ourselves from the EU, they could drag it out for up to 10 years but that would be churlish, we had the referendum, the Remain side lost so we should just get on with it and make it as short and painless as possible.
What could change a few peoples minds is that they Leave side are already backtracking on the promises made during the campaign.

The promise to spend the £350 million we send weekly to the EU on the NHS, a claim painted in 5ft high letters on the side of the Leave battle bus, was first reduced to £100m, then £50m and now it can't be guaranteed that anything will be sent to the NHS and the claim was a 'one of the mistakes the Leave campaign made' so said Nigel Farage.
Then there was the battle cry of taking back control of our borders to stop the free movement of Europeans to the UK which now has been watered down as leave campaigner and Conservative MEP Dan Hannan explained: 'If people think that there is now going to be zero immigration from the EU, they are going to be disappointed. All we are asking for is some control over roughly who comes in and roughly in what numbers'.

Maybe those who voted leave might find what they expected is not what they actually get.

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