Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Queens Top Ten

The Queen has announced her top 10 songs ever, and fans of Megadeath and Judas Priest are going to be disappointed because her list is what can politely be called, not banging.
To prove that her horrible tastes is not just restricted to hats, her favourite song of all time ever is 
Oklahoma! from the musical Oklahoma!, followed by Anything You Can Do from Annie Get Your Gun and then Leaning on a Lamp-post by George Formby.
To be fair she was born in 1926 so likes the music that was popular in her youth, when she was throwing nazi salutes and goosestepping around the garden with her mother so maybe we can excuse these. 
Also in her top ten is 'The White Cliffs of Dover' by Vera Lynn but as she lived during the second world war the song probably reminds her of the unified national spirit during its darkest hour. Possibly.
She also mentions Praise, My Soul, The King of Heaven and The Lord is my Shepherd which are ridiculous religious songs but again, she can be forgiven as she is the head of the Church of England.
There's also a regimental march, Regimental March Milanollo, in her top 10, the warmongering harlot!!
Then again she is the commander-in-chief of the British armed forces so we can't really lead a mob armed with torches to Buckingham Palace based on that. 
The final song in her top ten countdown is Leaning on a Lamp-post by George Formby.
Right, you wrap the paraffin drenched rags around the sticks and i will bring the matches, if a monarch's love for George Formby tunes isn't enough to incite a revolution nothing is!

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