Saturday, 18 June 2016

Welcome Back Tim

As astronaut and Stoke City fan Tim Peake has just spent six months in space, the Britannia Stadium was the perfect place to train for spending six months in another place with no atmosphere. 
I guess i was one of many who held their breath as the capsule he and his fellow American and Russian astronauts sat in plunged at 17,400 mph towards Earth this morning, relieved that they would fine because he was in a 'special chair', not as safe as the chair that i was set in i bet.
Britain chips in £80m to the The European Space Agency (Esa) but there are some grumpy people who moan about that but Tim Peakes achievement has given the UK's space industry a massive boost but more importantly it has provided an inspiration for a whole new generation.
Then have been live link-ups in which Tim, floating in front of an ISS camera, could speak directly to children themselves in a project called The Cosmic Classroom which gave children the chance of posing questions, the most popular of which seemed to be around how he used the toilet.
There have been Space exhibitions touring the nation and 350,000 schoool trips to science centres around the country and with Tim pencilled in to tour the countries schools on his return, the excitement will continue for a while yet. 
With Britain, America and Russia coming together on the International Space Station, it appears after recent events that Space is the only thing that unites us but an amazing, remarkable and important achievement and each space mission takes us a step closer to leaving this polluted and rapidly warming ball of rock.

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