Thursday, 16 June 2016

Looking At Norway For Our Brexit Plan

Brexiters have been slow to explain what will happen to Britain if it votes to leave the EU, partly because there is no way of knowing for sure so err on the side of rainbows and lollipops, and partly because they know what other European countries outside the EU have to contend with and there is not a strawberry flavoured chubba chupp in sight.
Norway is the most sited as the country we will look like on June 24th if go through the exit door so we can look across the North Sea and take a peek at how they are doing outside of the bosom of the World's largest single market.
The price Norway pays for access to the EU’s single market for its fish and energy, Norway accepts the free movement of workers, the much derided Schengen agreement, has no say in how the EU is run and pays almost as much per capita in grants to EU states (€107.4) as the UK (€139).
The Scandinavian country does not sit or vote on any EU committees and has to abide with instructions issued to it from Brussels on threat of being frozen out until they do comply so although it may not be in Europe, it is still effectively run by Europe.
The Norwegian ministry of foreign affairs, Elisabeth Aspaker, recently explained: 'It is us politicians in Norway that feels this lack of democracy when you see all this legislation we are taking in without having a say when decisions are made'.
The latest polls put the Leave campaign as much as 7% in the lead so i can only conclude that either those planning on voting leave have not looked very deeply into it or are blinded by the 'take back control' and 'they come here and take all our jobs' rhetoric from likes of Nigel Farage.
Ironically, they will still be coming here and taking all our jobs and we will have given up any control as we will have given up our veto and tidied away out pencil case from the decision taken meetings.
I still fail to see why anyone would willingly vote Brexit unless i am missing something important.


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Falling on a bruise said...

We couldn't compete in the eurovision contest or the European championships so I politely decline.

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