Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Can You Repeat That Name Please?

Nothing gets us giggling like naughty school children more than a naughty sounding name and although the pickings are disappointingly thin at the Euro's this year, we do have some brilliantly rude names from sport to amuse us and make us say 'did i see that right?'
Some of the most downright filthiest names from the world of sport include American race car driver Dick Trickle, Swiss footballer Andre Muff, English footballer Segar Bastard and Slovenian basketball player Gregor Fucka.
Jean Condom was a French rugby union player although he would have gone well with American ice hockey player Dick Paradise although maybe not so well with German footballer Ralf Minge.
Johnny Dickshot was a Baseball player, Fanny Chmelar a German alpine skier but football provides us with Brazilian Argel Fucks, Turk Anil Koc, Chilean Waldo Ponce and goalkeeper Fabian Assman.
It takes something for Japanese women's volleyball player Yoshie Takeshita to not be the top rudest name but the top two really are inspiring.
Step forward and a big hand for German Ski Jumper Andreas Wank but the top spot goes to the supremely named Gaylord Silly, the long distance runner from the Seychelles.

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