Thursday, 16 June 2016

Referendum Takes A Sickening Twist

Desperately sad and truly shocking to hear that a Labour MP, Jo Cox, has died after being shot and stabbed outside her weekly advice surgery in a West Yorkshire library.
Eyewitness accounts say the MP was shot during a row with a man who appeared to be waiting outside the library for her before stabbing her repeatedly and shooting her 3 times with a gun described as either antique or hand made.
Witnesses also report that the attacker, named 52 year old Tommy Mair, repeatedly shouted the name of right wing extremist group 'Britain First' during the attack.
Jo Cox had been a keen campaigner of the Remain camp and her husband was pictured jetting across the Thames in a speedboat yesterday with an 'In' flag.
Whether this is a politically motivated attack as suspected will become clearer over the new few days but it seems that he targeted her for whatever demented reason he had and if it was due to her opposite stance on Brexit, the UK Referendum has taken a devastating and sickening twist.

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