Sunday, 26 June 2016

Everyone Stop Doing Stuff!!

I have never known a time like this in British Politics, every time you turn around someone has resigned or is plotting to overthrow someone or are maneuvering themselves into a position to usurp someone so we just need someone to shout STOP!!! NOBODY DO ANYTHING and take a deep breath.
Cameron resigning is the right move, firstly because he cannot continue after the British public defied him and secondly because he has been a complete right-wing nasty git so i am glad to see the back of him.
The Labour Party attempting to remove Jeremy Corbyn being removed as head of the Opposition is also correct, his performance in the Referendum campaign was pitiful and although i agree with much of what he says, he is too far left wing for the voting public to possibly win an election if one is called soon so it is right they take him out and replace him with someone who could.
Lastly, it is right that once the Conservative Party elect themselves a new leader, the Government call a general election because by virtue of the Conservatives currently being in power, whoever becomes their leader also becomes Prime Minister and he or she will need to go to the country for a fresh mandate.
Of course the worst possible scenario is that in a years time we end with Tory Boris Johnson running the show here and Donald Trump winning the American election then between them the World would be ended by next March anyway and everything becomes academic anyway.
The best possible scenario is someone along the lines of Hilary Benn, David Miliband or Chuka Umunna are elected Labour leader, the Conservatives vote the divisive Boris Johnson as their leader who is then removed in a snap Election early in 2017 and we start to put right what has gone so horribly wrong over the last decade.
Mostly though, people need to stop and take a deep breath.

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