Monday, 13 June 2016

Why Is Anyone Backing Brexit?

The polls are showing that the Brexit campaign is cutting through and presently lead which if the polls are replicated on June 23rd, would see us out of the EU. 
The thinking is we go it alone so we can choose the immigrants that we want and to save money from not sending the £10bn to the EU every year, money which will then be spent on the NHS or education.
As a country in Europe, to trade in the EU you will need to pay and that cost is almost as much as we are spending now so there will be nothing 'saved' to spend elsewhere.
You also have to agree to the free movement of people so anyone in the EU area can still come to Britain.
At the moment we are part of the EU helping to create the laws and rules for the EU and all EU nations hold with a veto to turn down any new laws we don't agree with, all 27 members have to agree to bring a new law into effect.
By leaving, all we will be doing is removing ourselves from the decision making meetings and have to live by the rules the others set for us only without any input into it while spending almost as much money to trade with the EU as we do now and still having to accept immigrants from the EU area. 
If it is that much of a no brainer, i do wonder what people who back Brexit think they will be getting
and if they have actually thought it through?

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