Sunday, 5 June 2016

Uk Foreign Aid Saves Lives

The right wing newspaper, Mail on Sunday, has launched a petition on the official Parliamentary website in a bid to get the Government to reconsider the law requiring us to spend a 0.7% (£12 billion) of GDP on foreign aid.
It is shocking that spending £12 billion to saves lives is even being debated but the ugly arguments and even uglier supportive comments on the Mail website show that the debate against foreign aid is rooted in xenophobia, toxic little Englander sentiment.
The Mail on Sunday's petition is not against sending aid but against it being a set amount and how it is distributed but the comments from people who have signed the petition shows that they signed because they disagree with aid being sent abroad when people in the UK are starving and homeless.
It unfortunately says a lot for those who would deprive others who have absolutely nothing because there are hungry and homeless people at home rather than attack the Government of the 5th largest economy whose ideological policies have created the hungry and homeless here.
The Department for International Development's show that in the developing World in 2015 our £12 billion helped nine million children into primary school, immunised more than 55 million children against preventable diseases, saved the lives of 250,000 newborns and encouraged global action on climate change.
Examples of aid include a grant of £725,000 awarded to Medical Aid for Palestinians, to deliver trauma support and plastic reconstructive surgery, £230m to fight the spread of Ebola, £900m on helping refugees fleeing Syria to provide water, food, medicine and shelter.
The bottom line is we spend £12 billion saving lives and to be against that shows anyone who signed the petition because they disagree with money being spent elsewhere in a very bad, and grotesque, light.


Keep Life Simple said...
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Falling on a bruise said...

That is one of the arguments, we in the developed world ruined the climate which is causing so much devastation now so we owe it on a moral basis.

Keep Life Simple said...
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