Friday, 24 June 2016

Strange Looking Man In Scotland

Who is that strange looking man with the really small hands and the silly baseball cap stepping out of the helicopter in Scotland?
Why, it looks like...yes it is, it's an Oompah Lumpah, no it's not, its Donald Trump here to open a golf course.
Let's listen in and hear if he says anything stupid about Muslims, Hispanics or women having their periods.
'Just arrived in Scotland. Place is going wild over the vote. They took their country back, just like we will take America back'.
Erm, bit awkward because Scotland overwhelmingly voted to stay in the EU.
Okay, thanks Donald, that's it, get back in your helicopter and go back to America.
Phew, i'm glad we don't have such a dumbarse in charge. What's that, David Cameron's resigned and Boris Johnson is favourite to become Prime Minister?
Hang on Donald, room on your helicopter for one more dumbo politician?

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