Monday, 27 June 2016

Brexit Racists And Xenophobes

Brexit voters are growing more annoyed that they are being called racists for voting to leave the EU but while it may be true that all the people who voted Brexit may not be racists, all the racists voted Brexit.
The number of hate crimes reported has risen by 57% after the UK voted to leave the European Union and David Cameron has spoken out about graffiti and verbal abuse shouted at individuals of ethnic minorities telling them to go back to their own country.
The UK’s biggest Muslim organisation has spoken out against a spike in racist abuse in the aftermath of the referendum while the Polish embassy said it was shocked at incidents of xenophobic abuse directed at members of its community in the past few days, and the Board of Deputies of British Jews said it was alarmed by reports it has received of harassment and abuse.
The xenophobic fringe feel empowered by the vote and probably feel that they have support of half the nation who feel the same as they do, another consequence of the self-harming decision of the 52% . 

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