Friday, 17 June 2016

Hawaiian Shirts!!

On the front of a fashion magazine today i noticed a model clad in a gaudy shirt with the question 'Can Men Look Cool In Hawaiian Shirts?
Of course the answer is no, you look like a prat but the Hawaiian Shirt does seem to be the fashion wear of this summer as i have seen more and more men strolling around looking like an extra on 1980's show 'Magnum PI'.
The reasoning behind why men would don such awful apparel was always that the shirts were so bad that they were good and were worn with a tongue firmly in cheek while giving out a 'i'm a wacky fun kind of guy' vibe.
Usually paired with sandals, sunglasses and baggy shorts, it is the ultimate summer fashion but doesn't work so well in the high street in Manchester or Norwich.
The only time you can wear a Hawaiian shirt and not look dopey is if you are Tom Selleck in 1985 or on your honeymoon in Hawaii and if you keep wearing an Hawaiian shirt a relationship with a woman who still has her eyesight isn't happening anytime soon.


Keep Life Simple said...

I get multiple compliments every time I wear my Hawaiian shirts at work...

Falling on a bruise said...

How is your job at the local blind centre going by the way?

Keep Life Simple said...

I see a great future