Friday, 10 June 2016

English Idiots Abroad

The EURO's hadn't even started and already we see the sight of tanked up Englishmen throwing chairs around in Marseille and brawling with the locals.
It was always a hope that such behaviour had died out in the 80s after some awful scenes abroad involving our football fans but it seems that the ugly side of English football has crept back in again.
We have already heard how a man was beaten and thrown into the harbour and the TV is full of scenes of French police in riot gear tackling bottle throwing England fans.
Now the Russian fans who are turning up in Marseille for tomorrows match have become a target for the hooligans and the Football Association said in a statement: 'We are really disappointed by the scenes of disorder in Marseille yesterday evening and condemn such behaviour'.
It's not only embarrassing for England that our fans are unable to go abroad to watch a football match and act responsibly like everyone else but it is also unfair that Marseille and it's citizens has to suffer while playing host to them.
I can only apologise on behalf of my country for the few idiots that have made the trip from England and hope that they are arrested and spend the rest of the tournament in a French prison cell before they cause anymore mayhem and people are injured.

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