Sunday, 26 June 2016

Joshua Not A Boxing Great Just Yet

British boxing is in a good state at the moment and at the top of the pile is IBF Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua who last night took his record to 17 fights, 17 wins with 17 KO's.
I like Joshua, he is not only a great boxer but is a very well spoken, polite and elegant person who shy's away from the boorish rhetoric of other boxers but i would warn the people talking him up to not be quite so quick to compare him to the greats.
Joshua is fortunate to find himself in the game at a time when the game is at the lowest ebb i have ever seen but he can only fight who is put in front of him so he can hardly be blamed if those dished up to him are of a low calibre.
Back in the day when Tyson was bowling people over like ten pins you couldn't throw a cat without hitting a decent heavyweight and before Buster Douglas bumbled along, he fought them all and won convincingly.   
Joshua has not fought anyone of any note, last nights opponent Dominic Breazeale, was the top challenger for the belt and to be polite he wasn't so much out of Joshua's class but in a completely different school.
America seems to have stopped producing real World Class heavyweights and the East European's are functional but dull so as good as Joshua looks, has still not really been tested so i would be hesitant to build him up just yet.

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