Thursday, 26 January 2017

May Goes To Trump's America

The first World leader to turn up on the shores of Donald Trump's new look America is our very own Prime Minister Theresa May who had stepped into a storm with other leaders ducking out of meeting the New President and swathes of the Civil Service walking out at the behaviour of the man in charge and now the astronauts joining the park rangers and scientists stoking a rebellion. 
Speaking to reporters prior to climbing aboard her plane, Theresa May said she and President Trump shared some of the same political values which is worrying as he has very different views on Putin, Israel, Syria, Torture, women, climate change, abortion, NATO, the UN and the Iranian nuclear deal then the rest of the World who seemed happy to let the UK go scrambling across the Atlantic first.
While May is there as she looks to plug a massive Brexit shaped hole in the British economy with American dollars, she has to be careful about how to approach the notoriously fragile Trump who is building up the migraines in his own backyard in an impressively quick time.
She has already said she has expressed a view to hi regarding his view on women and the Muslim ban and after his tweet on backing torture, she must mention how Britain wants no bar of that again.
Mostly, if he continues with his destructive behaviour, Britain must step back and not become an associate in any of Trumps nonsense because as it is the World treats him and his views as a joke, we don't want to be tarred with that same brush especially if he starts to move his toxic and calamitous views outside of America's borders and into foreign affairs as we have been there and done that with a dimly lit American President and are still paying the price.
Let him take down himself and America but be smart and take any trade deal offered but keep the noxious and odious man at arms length until he is removed from Office because it is very low odds that he will still be calling himself President in eighteen months time.

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