Monday, 2 January 2017

2017: What To Look Forward To

The changing of the calendar always brings hopes that the new year will be an improvement on the last one but invariably we realise before January is out that it is going to be much the same.
In 2017 there are elections in France with ultra right wing Marine Le Pen doing disappointingly well in polls as is Geert Wilders in The Netherlands although we hope the French and Dutch voters see sense and don't vote for the clown parties but then i remember we said about American voters last year and look who is the President elect over there.  
Elections are also to be held in Hungary and Iran and with Iran being manoeuvred into the sights of a warmongering Israel and USA so who takes over in Tehran could turn out to be pivotal.
Sex pest Donald Trump will be inaugurated on January 20 and nobody is expecting that Presidential term to turn out well considering he has annoyed large swathes of the globe, most importantly China, even before he gets his teeny tiny little hands on the nuclear codes and any unfortunate women in his close proximity.
Prime minister Theresa May has said she will trigger the two-year process for leaving the EU by the end of March although that date is expected to slide as the remaining EU members play hardball and watch us go for a long walk off a short pier and it finally sinks in what a monumental mistake 52% of us made. 
Communists will be celebrating though as it will be 100 years since the Russian revolution in 1917 which introduced us to Lenin, Stalin and ice-pick enthusiast Trotsky and was directly responsible for the dreadful 99 Red Balloons song by Nena and me having to sit through 'When The Wind Blows' film every year throughout my school years where i learnt that the way to survive a nuclear missile attack was to shelter under an upturned sofa. 
All in all 2017 will be much the same as 2016 only with different celebrities dying.

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