Sunday, 29 January 2017

You Say You Want A Revolution?

During everything else that has been happening recently,the Oxfam report on Global Poverty seemed to have slipped by unnoticed so the revelation that eight people own more wealth than the poorest half of humanity did not receive the shock that it should have.
The eight multi-billionaires named who own more wealth than 3.6 billion human beings in 2017, are Bill Gates, Amancio Ortega, Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim Helu, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, and Michael Bloomberg.
That eight men have bank accounts with such unimaginable wealth in them while there are others literally starving to death is obscene but it does show that Capitalism is working exactly how it was intended and the inequality is maintained by Global Governments guiding the money to the top but forgetting about the part where it trickles downwards afterwards.
In the same report Oxfam state 154,000 children die each week due to extreme poverty which is a disgusting and deplorable state of affairs but something that we have become accustomed and just seem to accept as 'the way things are'. 
History shows us that at some point, the masses rise up and overthrow the rich and powerful and 2017 is one hundred years since such an event happened in Russia when an economic crisis was one of the reasons Lenin and the Bolsheviks rode the wave of suffering and injustice of the masses ending with them overthrowing the decision makers.
The revolution of the Russian poor and downtrodden sparked not only a rebellion in their own nation but threatened to sweep across the Globe, especially as one of the other reasons the masses turned was because of WW1 which was being fought at the time and was little more than a scrap over the colonial carve of Africa in the interests of further wealth and power of the Europeans rulers.
The end result of the Bolshevik revolution was that it not only succeeded in overthrowing the existing order in their own country, but also succeeded in threatening to do likewise throughout Europe.
There have been rumblings of discontent for a while now and the rich and powerful should take heed that the Russian, French and Cuban Revolutions to name just three may be in the history books but the discontent and hardship that caused them remains festering today and with each passing year and with each report that highlights the obscene inequality amongst the top and the bottom, the more is the likelihood that another Lenin, Castro or Robespierre will emerge from the bubbling, disconsolate masses.

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