Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Why Isn't Hollwood Pointing At Obama Also?

As much as i like to see Hollywood actors and actresses use their platform to berate leaders they don't agree with, Bush was a regular recipient as Trump has been even before he takes the reins, but i can't recall anyone clutching a Golden Globe or an Oscar and having a go at Obama.
Nobody seems to have made an acceptance speech and wagged a finger at Obama for not closing Guantanamo or the disgraceful behaviour towards Chelsea Manning or Edward Snowden as part of the record number of whistle blowers prosecuted by the current President.
I can't recall anybody with a film credit to their name berating him over helping Saudi Arabia to flatten Yemen and take out a crowds at funerals and weddings nor the disaster which was Libya when Obama used the US Air Force as cover for Al Queada.   
Maybe we missed the time when someone in Hollywood took him to task for conducting ten times more drone attacks than George W Bush as during his tenure he dropped bombs on seven different countries, all Muslim nations.
Meryl Streep was strangely quiet on the Obama plans to aid and arm the Syrian rebels against the Syrian leadership even though everyone was shouting that they were morphing from Al Queada into ISIS and turning the American weapons on civilians just as she seemed to be looking elsewhere when he stirred up problems in Ukraine which led to war and worsening relations with Russia.
Most disappointingly, Hollywood looked the other way when the troops under his direct command dropped 26,171 bombs during 2016, 71 a day, and resulted in massive civilian casualties and several 'accidental' hospital hits.
Everyone has the right to air their grievances about Trump and they should continue to do so but the moral outrage has to be evenly spread and dished out to all who deserve it lets not forget that Obama came to the floor as a good guy but has been just as keen as his much derided predecessor in bombing and blowing people up, so it would be nice for someone with a platform to remind the World that while Trump may be a potential global disaster, Obama has been one.


Anonymous said...

97% of the Hollywood people are wackos. Pampered rich people (that got rich by effectively lying on camera) lacking a moral compass, that act like they care about a lot of things, but in almost all cases, really just care about themselves.

Falling on a bruise said...

The vast majority seem left wing and as Obama is perceived to be left wing, i guess they don't want to be seen bashing him as it would be bashing one of their own. I do enjoy them using awards ceremonies to stick it to someone though.

Anonymous said...

I find their ignorant arrogance boring