Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Supreme Court Frustrates Brexiters Again

Much gnashing of teeth from the Brexiters this morning as the Courts decide that the Government cannot just trigger Article 50 to remove ourselves from Europe but they must gain Parliamentary permission first.
Hence much mention of the will of the people which is a bit misleading as it is the will of a tad over half the people, there was 48% of us who wanted Britain to remain.
As a remainer who thinks that anyone who has heard the arguments against leaving and still wants us to go probably hasn't been listening properly i would be happy if the whole thing gets dropped but it won't but this makes the process a bit more complicated and frustrating which is a small consolation.
We will still be leaving and the Government will be doing all it can to keep to its end of March deadline for triggering Article 50 but it has the complication of having to get approval by the Members of Parliament who could really put a spanner in the Governments plans which seem to be to blag the whole thing.
Theresa May set out a pretty poor plan the other week which was we want to come out but still have all the benefits we enjoy now or else we will turn into a tax exile like a chillier version of the Cayman Islands.
The truth is we will say what we want, the EU will tell us what we can have and we will fudge it so we end up the wost of both worlds where we have to either take ourselves ourselves out of the largest Single Market and 500 million potential customers or pay for access to it and accept the free movement of people as part of the deal so all we would have achieved is losing our
seat at the decision making table.
I don't expect the MP's to frustrate the Government for long but if they can stop the Government just walking away in a Hard Brexit which will devastate Britain, then it has to be applauded.

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