Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Killers

A Killers T-shirt has caused consternation as this Killers band on the World Mass Destruction Tour depicts Hitler on drums, Bin Laden on lead guitar, Saddam Hussein on rhythm guitar and George W Bush on Bass.
I don't know how good Adolf was at keeping a beat going but i would guess if the t-shirt was the top four killers then he would make the shortlist but not sure about the rest.
Using to check the facts, Hitler is sat in third place in the most murderous regimes with Mao Zedong top with 60 million victims, Joseph Stalin second with 40 million, then Hitler with 30 million and then King Leopold II of Belgium who was responsible for 8 million deaths.   
If they are the headline act then the t-shirt is widely wrong as George W Bush is responsible for 1 million deaths which puts him 10th, Saddam's victims numbered 600,000 which makes him 12th and Bin Laden doesn't even feature in the top 36.  
It would be like going to see Gun N' Roses but instead of Slash and Duffy there's Brian May and Roger Deacon instead.
I'll give this one a miss i reckon.

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