Saturday, 7 January 2017

Of Course Russia Helped Trump Become POTUS

It is without doubt that the Russian President Putin would want Donald Trump to be the man sat inside the White House because he ran rings around President Obama and sees Trump as an even bigger softer target to push the Russian agenda.
That Trump seems content to bend America over and invite Russia to be gentle can either be down to some Trump master-plan or Trump being a political novice that Putin is going to play like a piccolo.
Putin is a hard nosed Politician, Trump is a four times bankrupt reality TV man with a child's temperament and wholly unsuitable for the top job so Putin must think Christmas and all his Birthdays have come at once.
Regarding the Russian hacking to help their man get elected, it would be shocking if they didn't as it would be shocking if America did not try to influence internal affairs of nations worldwide.
The Americans and the Russians are the World leaders in the field of intervention, research by political scientist Dov Levin found that the US and the USSR/Russia together intervened no less than 117 times in foreign elections between 1946 and 2000.
Where Russia 'helped' Donald Trump to gain power, America 'helped' Boris Yeltsin take the Presidency in the 1996 election after the USSR split.
Removing leaders or 'regime change' has been an American thing for decades, since the tune of the century America has taken it upon themselves to remove the leaders of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Ukraine so while allegations of Russian interference in the US elections are undoubtedly alarming for Americans, nobody was invaded or who cities and populations laid to waste in bringing their choice of leader to power. 
The US has interfered with impunity in the internal affairs of so many other countries but my question would be why is Donald Trump so adamant that Russia wasn't involved somewhere in the process because the big news would be if they wasn't

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