Thursday, 12 January 2017

Trump Taking The Piss

He has the golden hair, golden skin and even a golden lift and now the next President of the United States has a golden shower as well if the blackmail papers are to be believed.
I don't know if the voters who put their cross next to Donald Trumps name are regretting it yet but we have entered a golden age for anyone who likes seeing someone who is already an embarrassing idiot make an even bigger fool of themselves on the world stage.
According to the British spy who ran up an incendiary 35 page document on Trump, he is not only in the pay of the Russians and about to spend the next four years running America for the benefit of those in Moscow, but he also enjoys a good old fashioned pee party with prostitutes in hotel rooms.
All lies and fake news the man-baby may have blustered, comparing it to Nazi propaganda spread by sick people but the UK and US intelligence have taken it seriously and both nations are now launching full investigations into whether the intelligence can be substantiated.
The BBC are reporting that CIA Officers have said that there is even more compromising material about Trump in Russian hands which has yet to be revealed and that the material was 'of a sexual nature'.
It could all be a fake and a case of Putin being the wolf preying on Trump who is by far the weakest, and dumbest, sheep but it is hilarious that the man who will become President in eight days is such a laughing stock around the Globe and is dragging not only himself but his country through the urine soaked mud.       
How anyone could even take him seriously before this came out was hard to fathom but now we can add piss-stained pervert to the impressive list of insults stacked up against the nasty little racist.
If nothing else, the next four years (if he lasts that long) are going to be a boon time for comedians on comedy shows for which they can thank the American voters who thought he was a better choice than Hillary Clinton.


Keep Life Simple said...

The people that put their cross next to the US press are the losers

This is complete tripe.

The left have shown their true colors and it isn't pretty. They only like government and law when it suits them.

Falling on a bruise said...

The intelligence service are left?

Anonymous said...

CIA director Brennan just (Sunday am) said the information is unverified and is rumor.

Falling on a bruise said...

Yep, it was reported as unsubstantiated and unverified at the time. Also reported
was that the intelligence was requested and compiled on behalf of some of Trump’s Republican opponents and it was John McCain who handed it over to the CIA/FBI.
Seems it may be the right showing their colours, and they are golden although this is unverified.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you would be going bat crap crazy if someone said the same unverified stuff sbout one of your leftists.