Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 Predictions

The problem with making predictions is that when they don't come true you can end up looking a right gimboid which is why many psychics on the internet now only make vague predictions such as much loved 90s star dies and terror attack in Europe.
The only psychic who appears willing to make specific predictions and risk the shouts of 'gimboid' is the Canadian Psychic Nikki who is the Psychic to the Stars so although she seems to be terrible at this guessing the future lark, here are her top 20 predictions for 2017:

    Kidnapping around the Trump family
    The moon will turn green
    Leaning tower of Piza in Italy collapsing
    Terrorist attack in Stockholm, Sweden
    Cuba becoming the 51st US State
    Houses of Parliament in London, England has a great fire
    Explosions on Wall Street, New York – many deaths
    A meteor hitting San Francisco
    A member of the Royal Family will be kidnapped
    A robot will break into the White House
    Iran and the US will attack each other
    The Golden Gate Bridge will be partly destroyed and many people dead
    A UFO lands in Lake Erie
    Bomb blast at Buckingham palace
    Squirrels attack people worldwide
    A beloved male singer turns out to be a woman
    A change in the British Monarchy.
    Bomb blast at 10 Downing Street, in London, England.
    A plane goes into Eiffel Tower in Paris.
    Kim Jong Un will vanish

As usual we will come back at the end of the year and see just which male singer turns out to be a woman, my money is on Justin Bieber.

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