Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Alone Again (Naturally)

You do have to feel for Donald Trump because not only is he so fat and ugly that he has to pay for women to urinate on him, but nobody wants to come to his big party as now more than 50 Democrats are refusing to watch as the sex deviant is sworn in as the 45th US president
Not enough that his political colleagues are poo-pooing him but almost anyone who can hold a microphone has declined his invite to sing at his shindig citing excuses from washing their hair that day to just not wanting to having anything to do with the perverted racist.
The inauguration has already been cut to 90 minutes and along with a dearth of star names there will now been rows of empty seats but the Trump team say that it's OK because they need the seats for ordinary people and have been running adverts on Facebook and Twitter inviting people to come visit Washington for the inauguration and featuring a video of Mr Trump promising that the whole
thing will be 'fantastic'.
An estimated 800,000 to 900,000 people are expected to flood the nation's capital on Friday for the event although that also includes a number who are there to protest against Trump and doesn't compare favourably to Barack Obama who had a crowd of 1.8 million people when he took office eight years ago.
With just 2 days to go until Russia's choice becomes the first orange President, the President of Destination DC, the city's convention and tourism bureau has said that the level of enthusiasm and demand for hotel rooms has been: 'much, much slower than anyone would have anticipated for a first-term president'.
Never one to pass up a Post-Truth when he can just plain flat out lie, the president-elect dismissed the low numbers as 'phony' and 'rigged', insisting that: "people are pouring into Washington in record numbers" which they will be as over 200 activist groups and organisations have signed on to support a march to demonstrate for racial and gender equality, affordable health care, abortion rights and voting rights which are perceived to be under threat from a Trump presidency.
Poor Trump, if only he wasn't such an idiot.


Anonymous said...

Nice objective, fact based opinion Lucy. You are growing as a journalist.

Falling on a bruise said...

It works because its all true with a sprinkling of vitriol peppered around it. Got 4 years ( or until a second amender takes him out) of this.

Anonymous said...

The left act so fair and refined. Then they spew labels and threats and meaness as good as the best from the right.

Nice work!

Falling on a bruise said...

I have always found the left has a sense of humour about it whereas the right are far too serious which is probably why the majority of comedians are lefties, you don't get that many right wing comedians.

Keep Life Simple said...

No no no, people that lean right aren't comedians because they like to contribute to society. Entertainers contribute very little. That is why the lefties do it. They get paid without working.