Tuesday, 24 January 2017

How Did We Get Here?

Christians would have us believe that God formed man from dust on the ground and blew life in through his nostril and women will add on the bit where God stepped back, looked at Adam and said, 'I can do better than that' and created a woman from one of Adam's ribs.
All makes perfect sense, men from dust and women from a bit Adam's skeleton so all that evolving over billions of years from single-celled organisms can be put to bed as silly nonsense.
Other religions have their own spin on how we got here, the Ancient Greeks believed Prometheus created man out of mud in the likeness of the gods and Athena breathed life into his clay figure although he went too far and gave humans fire for which he was chained to a rock with an eagle tearing at his liver which grew back everyday.
Hinduism which predated Christianity by thousands of years also had a man and woman from which all humans came, Yama and Manu who sprang forth from the feet of the God Purusa although he didn't provide any apples for snacks.
Ancient Egyptians put human existence down to Re and some divine masturbation which produces a divine son and daughter who are so unruly that Re's tears reign down on the Earth and become mankind after which he retires to the heavens and became the Sun.
The Korean version begins with the a tiger and a bear who pray to the God Hwan-ung that they want to be human and are given a test which only the bear succeeds and is made into a woman. Hwan-ung and the former bear get it on, have a child named Dan Gun who goes on to father the Korean race although it is not said who with but the only woman at first was his mother...let's move swiftly on.              
The Babylonians have us descending from the spilt blood of a Godly corpse while the Chinese consider us the parasites which have fallen off the body of P'an whose body fell apart after the effort of separating the Earth and the Sky.
The Norse had us arriving courtesy of Odin breathing life into two tree trunks, turning them into Ask and Embla, the first man and woman who created the rest of us.
In Tibet the first man and woman were the result of an ogre and a monkey while according to Australian aboriginals a Star and the Moon sent down there son and daughter to control the animals who were running amok.            
The Samoans believe that we developed from worms that swarmed around the Fue plant so all in all, considering that we got her via a Gods feet, a bit of God on Bear action, the dripping corpse of a God, a couple of tree stumps or a drunken fumble with a primate, the Christian belief that we came from a pile of dust and a bit of ribcage is not so silly after all and whichever tale is true, they all still make more sense than a gradual evolution over billion of years. Don't they?

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Anonymous said...

About 5 years ago, our IBM account manager told me that IBM has done extensive DNA reserach since circa 1999. They have found that all DNA goes back to one strand. Not two. So, maybe Eve did come from Adam...