Sunday, 1 January 2017

Who Could Be Gunning For Trump?

Come 20th January 2017, the most powerful man in the World will be Donald Trump which hasn't pleased Charlie Sheen who has asked God to send the Grim Reaper around to Trump Towers to give the orange haired businessman a tap on the shoulder and whisk him off to wherever orange haired businessmen end up.
Sheen quite rightly got the brickbats lobbed at him, nobody should be hoping for the death of anyone else but American Presidents have a habit of receiving fast traveling bullets so what are the chances that Charlie Sheen will be celebrating and Donald Trump will be assassinated?
Going on previous events, there is a 34% chance that he will be killed, injured or narrowly escape an assassination attempt as 16 of the previous 43 Presidents have had an attempt on their life.
That percentage increases significantly for all the soft Trump targets and attacks against his properties which have already started by those in his own nation and as he has properties Worldwide, it could very well be open season for Trump Hotels and Golf courses.
The President Trump's chances of him having less hotels in a couple of years time are almost 100% as his hotels span Europe, Asia and South America where the Trump brand is even less enamored than it is in his home country, with the exception of Russia possibly.
Throw in that the potential assassin could be from one of the many groups that Trump has irked, feminists, Mexicans, black Americans, Muslims, the disabled, a Trump University student, an environmentalist, a gay activist, a disgruntled Trump Hotel employee or even one from his own side of the ideological fence if he does not deliver the much promised Mexican wall or Muslim ban.
Assassination is not the only way to Trump could be stopped from fulfilling his Presidential obligations, his approval ratings are already in negative numbers and this is traditionally when a President is at his most popular so impeachment could be an issue that is raised at some point.
Given his age and obesity, there is also a chance that Trump will be replaced by his Vice President before the next election due to natural causes or if the CIA decide he is a danger to the USA he would still be found dead of 'natural causes'.
To end with, for those who like this sort of thing, in the 227 years that the USA has been around there have been four successful assassinations, meaning on average there is an assassination every 56 years and 9 months.
As JFK was assassinated in November 1963, 56 years and 9 months on from November 1963 is August 2020.
The Donald may want to keep an eye out for someone who looks very much like Charlie Sheen if he is still around in the summer of 2020.

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