Saturday, 7 January 2017

Beware Monday Emails

Emails are an intractable part of modern life, most of us have a work one, a couple of personal ones, one which we use to sign up for things knowing full well it will be bombarded with spam afterwards and probably a few more if you are Hillary Clinton but email has become so important that it really is one of those things that you couldn't do without.
An email management service, Boomerang, estimates that approximately 200 million are sent everyday worldwide and the average office worker receives or sends 120 each workday.
One of my bugbears is when people just launch into the email without introduction, not even a Hi Lucy at the top, call me old fashioned but i wouldn't send a letter or make a telephone call without my first words being a greeting so it annoys me that some people don't think they need to do so in an email.  
Boomerang say that the most frequent mistake people make when emailing are making an error with capitalisation and misspelling in the subject line which not only looks unprofessional and sloppy but will make the email less likely to be replied to.
Rather predictably, Monday emails have more errors than any other day of the week which make sense because we all want to rush through the boring 'what time is the meeting today' ones to answer the ones from the exiled Ethiopian ministers.

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